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Tracking the promises of Gov. Bob McDonnell

Increase tax credit for long-term health insurance

"As governor, Bob McDonnell will provide for an increase in the refundable tax credit for purchase of long term health insurance."

Expand incentives for rural health care professionals

"The McDonnell administration will expand loan forgiveness and scholarship programs for health care professionals with an emphasis on placing health care professionals in rural areas."

Train more doctors to practice in rural areas

"We will offer assistance to the new VCOM in Blacksburg and the Virginia Tech Carilon School of Medicine in Roanoke, to train more doctors and nurses to practice in rural Virginia."

Establish a health sciences high school

"In cooperation with our universities and community colleges, Bob McDonnell will establish at least one Virginia Health Sciences High School (academy or Governor's school) to specifically prepare students for further study in nursing, medical technology, pharmacy, medical equipment specialties and veterinary or medical school."

More money to free clinics and community health care centers

"The McDonnell administration will increase the funding provided to Virginia Community Health Centers and free clinics."

Provide incentives for electronic medical records

"As governor, Bob McDonnell will work with the health care community to identify and execute incentives to promote increased use of electronic medical records and electronic Medicaid submissions."

Audit the Department of Medical Assistance Services

"As governor, Bob McDonnell will require an independent performance audit of the Department of Medical Assistance Services seeking cost savings while streamlining bureaucratic red tape and eliminating waste."

Increase resources to fight Medicaid fraud

"We will increase resources for the Commonwealth's Medicaid Fraud Unit at the attorney general's office."

Reduce still births, low birth weights and improve child health care

"By maintaining (Medicaid) eligibility for pregnant mothers at current levels and promoting education and care for pregnant mothers, we will reduce low birth weights, still births, and long-term health issues for children who will be enrolled after birth in Medicaid programs."

Expand the Rainy Day Fund

"I will call for an increase in the allowable size of the Rainy Day Fund, to help buttress the Commonwealth against the difficult times that we must always be prepared for."

Eliminate budget gimmicks

"We will eliminate budget gimmicks."

Fund programs based on effectiveness

"Bob McDonnell will improve the budget system by implementing a budget process that rewards effective programs and allocates future spending based upon that effectiveness."

Expand lobbyist disclosure

"Bob McDonnell will have legislation introduced that requires disclosure of the specific bills and procurement matters that lobbyists are working on, as well as information about entertainment expenses related to those matters."

Establish ethics commission

"Virginia is one of only 10 states without an independent ethics commission. Bob McDonnell will establish a permanent, statewide independent agency that will provide advice and research as well as evaluate complaints concerning elected officials and appointees to boards, commissions and other public bodies."

Ensure citizen input in redistricting

"Whether through legislation or a blue ribbon governor's panel, Bob McDonnell will ensure bipartisan citizen involvement in the state legislative and congressional district redistricting process in 2010-2011."

Seek video streaming of meetings

"Bob McDonnell will have legislation introduced requiring all major executive branch boards and commissions to provide live streaming video on the Commonwealth's web site. Video files will be archived so that citizens can view them at their convenience."

Establish an inspector general

"Bob McDonnell will transform the state internal auditor into an inspector general with enhanced authority to proactively pursue citizen complaints concerning fraud, waste and abuse in state government."

Start performance pay program

"Bob McDonnell will establish a pilot program for performance pay for state managers."

Ban gifts during procurement process

Ban gifts over a certain amount to the executive department during the procurement process.

Establish tax credit for green jobs

"Bob McDonnell will establish Virgina as a "Green Jobs Zone' to incentivize companies to create quality green jobs. Qualified businesses would be eligible to receive an income tax credit equal to $500 per position created per year for the first five years (up to 350 jobs annually).'