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Promises about Health Care on Bob-O-Meter

Increase tax credit for long-term health insurance

"As governor, Bob McDonnell will provide for an increase in the refundable tax credit for purchase of long term health insurance."

Expand incentives for rural health care professionals

"The McDonnell administration will expand loan forgiveness and scholarship programs for health care professionals with an emphasis on placing health care professionals in rural areas."

Train more doctors to practice in rural areas

"We will offer assistance to the new VCOM in Blacksburg and the Virginia Tech Carilon School of Medicine in Roanoke, to train more doctors and nurses to practice in rural Virginia."

Establish a health sciences high school

"In cooperation with our universities and community colleges, Bob McDonnell will establish at least one Virginia Health Sciences High School (academy or Governor's school) to specifically prepare students for further study in nursing, medical technology, pharmacy, medical equipment specialties and veterinary or medical school."

More money to free clinics and community health care centers

"The McDonnell administration will increase the funding provided to Virginia Community Health Centers and free clinics."

Provide incentives for electronic medical records

"As governor, Bob McDonnell will work with the health care community to identify and execute incentives to promote increased use of electronic medical records and electronic Medicaid submissions."

Audit the Department of Medical Assistance Services

"As governor, Bob McDonnell will require an independent performance audit of the Department of Medical Assistance Services seeking cost savings while streamlining bureaucratic red tape and eliminating waste."

Reduce still births, low birth weights and improve child health care

"By maintaining (Medicaid) eligibility for pregnant mothers at current levels and promoting education and care for pregnant mothers, we will reduce low birth weights, still births, and long-term health issues for children who will be enrolled after birth in Medicaid programs."

Promote health savings accounts

"We will publish a list of all insurers who offer health savings accounts."