Tracking the promises of Scott Walker

End social promotion for third-graders who cannot read

Will end social promotion for third-graders who cannot read. "Today, 33% of Wisconsin fourth graders cannot read at even a basic level – proof that Wisconsin’s educational system is failing our children. To turn things around, we have to put an end to social promotion for students who cannot read at the end of third grade."

Create A-to-F grading scale for school quality

Will create A-to-F grading scale for school quality. "Schools should be graded just like students on a scale of A to F. Grades awarded under this rating system will be based on objective criteria such as graduation rates, passing rates, enrollment in Advanced Placement courses, standardized test scores, and teacher and administrator evaluations. Schools that fail for three consecutive years must select an alternate model."

Create "turnaround task force" to help school districts with failing schools

Will create a "state funded 'Turnaround Taskforce'" to "provide needed guidance to school districts ensuring that they don’t drain financial resources from Wisconsin’s many successful schools."

Establish teacher evaluation system

Will establish teacher evaluation system: "Under my plan, teachers will be evaluated based on the following five criteria: planning and preparation, classroom environment, quality of instruction, professional responsibilities, and yearly student progress. Teachers will receive an overall rating of 'ineffective,' 'needs improvement,' 'satisfactory,' or 'exemplary.' Teachers who are rated 'ineffective' two years in a row will lose their teaching license, while all teachers rated as 'satisfactory' or 'exemplary' will be eligible for bonuses."

Streamline teacher licensing process; allow those with "real world" experience.

Will "streamline the licensing process and open the door to aspiring teachers with real world experience."

Remove residency requirement for teachers

Will "remove arbitrary barriers like residency requirements that keep qualified teachers out of struggling districts."

Restore Qualified Economic Offer system for school district bargaining

Will restore the Qualified Economic Offer in school district bargaining. "The Qualified Economic Offer (QEO), which helped hold down local school costs for more than 15 years, will be restored and tied to revenue caps to align each district’s expenses with their revenues."

Change mediation/arbitration rules for teacher unions to consider "local economic factors"

Will change mediation/arbitration rules. "Mediation and arbitration changes will also be needed to ensure that local economic factors are considered."

Remove enrollment caps for private school choice program and for virtual charter schools

Will "remove enrollment caps for private school choice program and for virtual charter schools."

Allow state to file or join lawsuits to block federal health care reform

Will allow state to file or join lawsuits to block federal health care reform. Said Walker: "We're going to pursue any and all legal options we have to keep this from being imposed on the people and businesses of Wisconsin."

Reopen tourism visitor centers closed under Gov. Jim Doyle

Will "use my experience as (Milwaukee) County Executive to work with the private sector to reopen these centers and make them self-sufficient. During my tenure, we were able to partner with the private sector to increase support for our parks and attractions."

Sponsor annual event aimed at convention and meeting planners

Will "sponsor an annual event to bring national association meeting planners and Wisconsin businesses together. I will make this (Conference of Tourism) a key component of both my tourism and economic development agenda."

Increase access to state lands for hunters

Will "increase access to state lands so hunters have more hunting opportunities."

Create "Homecoming Wisconsin" program to lure back former residents

Will "create a new program called 'Homecoming Wisconsin.' Working with our University’s alumni associations and state agencies, 'Homecoming Wisconsin' will reach out to individuals, families and businesses that have left our state and remind them to 'come on home.' "

Develop plan to keep Veterans Trust Fund solvent

Will develop plan to keep Veterans Trust Fund solvent. "One of my first jobs as governor will be to develop a long-term plan to ensure the Veterans Trust Fund remains solvent."

Expand veterans board and let governor appoint all members

Will "support a requirement that there be one member from every congressional district in Wisconsin. The ninth member shall be a statewide at-large member. I will propose legislation to expand the current (Board of Veterans) to nine members, all appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Senate. I will propose legislation to expand the current (Board of Veterans) to nine members, all appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Senate."

Stop Milwaukee to Madison high-speed rail link on first day in office

Will stop Milwaukee-Madison high-speed rail line. said: "I am drawing a line in the sand Mr. President: No matter how much money you and Governor Doyle try to spend before the end of the year, I will put a stop to this boondoggle the day I take office."

Sign legislation requiring photo ID to vote

Will "sign into law a bill to require a photo ID to vote."

Sign legislation on immigration similar to Arizona bill

Will "sign similar legislation to the Arizona law to ensure the taxpayers of Wisconsin are not paying for benefits like BadgerCare and in-state college tuition for people who are here illegally."

Pass and sign concealed carry legislation

Will pass concealed carry legislation. “Scott has time and again supported shall issue concealed carry legislation and has said explicitly he will sign it as governor.”