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By Dave Umhoefer July 4, 2011

There may be legal challenges, but it's now the law of the land

Gov. Scott Walker, long a supporter of a photo ID requirement for voting in Wisconsin, got his wish in spring of 2011 when Republicans in control of both houses sent him a bill over the strenuous objections of Democrats.

Republicans framed the legislation as an anti-fraud measure. Democrats contended it would effectively limit voting by the poor, minorities, elderly and rural residents. The votes on the bill ran almost exactly along partly lines.

"To me, something as important as a vote is important whether it's one case, one hundred cases or one hundred thousand cases,” Walker said at the signing on May 25, 2011 in Madison. "Making sure we have legislation that protects the integrity for an open, fair and honest election in every single case is important.”

The law kicks in for the 2012 Wisconsin presidential primary, but in what amounts to a practice run voters in the 2011 state Senate recall elections will be asked to voluntarily show photo ID.

Some opponents have talked about a legal challenge to the law.

But photo ID is now the law of the land. That's a Promise Kept.

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By Dave Umhoefer January 17, 2011

Photo ID bill is on the legislative fast track

Republican lawmakers introduced a photo ID bill in January 2011 and hope to pass it in time for the spring elections.

Walker"s office reiterated that he would sign photo ID legislation if it hit his desk.

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