Pass and sign concealed carry legislation

Will pass concealed carry legislation. “Scott has time and again supported shall issue concealed carry legislation and has said explicitly he will sign it as governor.”


After years of past vetoes, Walker makes Wisconsin the 49th state with such a law

The shape of the legislation shifted along the way, but in a rare bipartisan vote (The Assembly voted 68-2; the Senate tally was 25-8) state lawmakers sent Gov. Scott Walker a concealed-carry bill.

Walker signed the bill July 8, 2011, making Wisconsin the 49th state to allow the practice.

The new law includes provisions requiring training and permits, which were sought by both Walker and Democrats. Some Republicans unsuccessfully pushed "constitutional carry" bills that would have allowed people to carry concealed guns without permits.

Under the bill that passed, the state Department of Justice would have to issue permits to state residents 21 and over who got training and cleared background checks that showed they were not felons or otherwise prohibited from carrying guns.

Walker"s predecessor, Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle, had vetoed similar measures.

For Walker, this is a Promise Kept.


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