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Dave Umhoefer
By Dave Umhoefer January 3, 2011

Minutes after the oath, he issues the call

Republican Scott Walker tried to create a sense of urgency around job creation during his successful 2010 campaign for governor.

He promised that on the first day of his administration he would call a special session of the Legislature under the broad umbrella of an "economic emergency.”

He fulfilled that pledge Jan. 3, 2011 by calling on the Republican-controlled Legislature to convene immediately to act on lowering taxes for small businesses and start ups, tort reform, business-friendly changes in regulations and requiring a legislative super-majority for passage of tax increase legislation.

In doing so, Walker made no mention of the national recession that has battered the United States. Instead, he pinned blame on "years of mismanagement” that has stifled Wisconsin"s business climate through over-regulation, taxes and costly litigation.

To be sure, calling the session is an easy promise to fulfill. It remains to be seen how many of the talked-about items pass and the impact they may have. But calling the special session moves this one into the category of Promise Kept.

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