Thursday, August 27th, 2015

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Promises we’ve rated recently

Fund youth summer employment programs

The Promise:

Q: How would you make city government more efficient? Name specific areas where you would propose reducing spending and areas where you’d protect or enhance spending. A: "I also am very interested in funding for youth summer employment programs."

Update July 17th, 2015: Kriseman wants more money for summer jobs program

Establish accountability standards for infrastructure upkeep and repair

The Promise:

"As mayor, Bob Buckhorn will establish Accountability Standards for each of the city’s departments and their functions, from filling potholes to clearing storm water ditches. The city will know what the city’s pressing problems are and how long it should take to fix them. The mayor and city employees will stand accountable to city residents if the timetables established for resolving these issues are not complied with. As a first step in this process, Bob Buckhorn will complete a full city-wide Infrastructure Assessment to identify our neighborhoods’ needs and begin to address them."

Update June 30th, 2015: City launches performance metric website

Will fight to repeal federal health care law

The Promise:

Said he would join efforts to repeal the health care law, including supporting a constitutional amendment that "prohibits the federal government from imposing President Obama's individual mandate, to protect Floridians' freedom to control their health care choices."

Update June 25th, 2015: Supreme Court rules in favor of subsidies, a blow to Rick Scott's promise to fight law

Make staff available to press on a regular basis

The Promise:

"I will make myself and my staff available to the press on a regular basis."

Update June 12th, 2015: Kriseman and his staff have been willing to talk

Re-establish a community policing philosophy

The Promise:

"As mayor, I will ... reestablish a community policing philosophy that emphasizes the relationship between the police officer and the neighborhood in an effort to promote trust and cooperation."

Update April 24th, 2015: New police chief emphasizes community policing in St. Pete

Deliver state of city address every year

The Promise:

"It’s time that St. Petersburg’s Mayor, like so many other mayors, delivers an annual State of the City address to keep the public better informed. I will do that, and I will make myself and my staff available to the press on a regular basis."

Update April 24th, 2015: Police station deal announced in mayor's first speech

Issue an executive order for springs improvement

The Promise:

"Gov. Scott will issue an executive order to provide a foundation for bringing together stakeholders to plan with his administration for additional needed actions."

Update April 24th, 2015: Scott has not issued executive order for springs improvement

Be No. 1 in high school graduation rates

The Promise:

"Be No. 1 in nation for high school graduation rates."

Update April 16th, 2015: Getting to No. 1 for the high school graduation rate won't happen by itself

Investigate every standardized test

The Promise:

"Gov. Scott will direct the Commissioner of Education to conduct a thorough and comprehensive investigation of every standardized test that school districts are requiring their students to take."

Update April 16th, 2015: Scott signs testing bill advocates say is a good first step

Make city website more friendly

The Promise:

"As mayor, I will revamp so that it’s user-friendly, highly interactive, and reflective of our community. The budget, in particular, should be easy to view and navigate."

Update April 10th, 2015: City website springs into 2015 with dramatic makeover

Enact tougher penalties for violating environmental regulations

The Promise:

"Gov. Scott will propose legislation to increase penalties to ensure fines match the value of Florida’s natural resources, and also provide agencies with the flexibility to analyze the past actions of those seeking environmental permits in Florida."

Update April 10th, 2015: Fracking bill passes panel, but only addresses tiny slice of companies regulated by DEP

Require drug screening for welfare recipients

The Promise:

"Require drug screening for (welfare) recipients."

Update March 10th, 2015: Scott abandons promise to drug test welfare recipients

Phase out the state sales tax on commercial leases

The Promise:

"Demand the Florida Legislature phase out the 6 percent sales tax on commercial leases."

Update February 26th, 2015: State senator asks for a cut, even though Scott doesn't

Eliminate the state's manufacturing tax

The Promise:

"Manufacturing has the largest return on investment of all industries in Florida. That is why Gov. Scott eliminated the sales tax on manufacturing equipment until 2017, saving companies more than $140 million annually. This savings will allow the 17,500 manufacturing companies in Florida, that employ more than 300,000 Floridians, to expand, invest, and flourish during the next gout years. Permanently eliminating this sales tax will ensure manufacturing is a solid pillar to Florida’s economy and help to protect us from any future economic troubles."

Update February 26th, 2015: Scott, lawmakers want to make three-year exemption permanent

Create a program for $10,000 STEM degrees

The Promise:

"In the next four years, Gov. Scott is committed to securing $10 million to create a $10,000 degree competitive STEM grant program for our state colleges."

Update February 26th, 2015: Rick Scott proposes $10,000 STEM degrees