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Promises we’ve rated recently

Protect St. Petersburg taxpayers in Rays negotiations

The Promise:

"Throughout the negotiating process I will ensure that our taxpayers are protected. While a sense of regionalism is important, especially in tough economic times, my primary duty will always be to the residents of St. Petersburg."

Update December 21st, 2017: Kriseman's plan includes penalties if Rays leave St. Pete

Require Rays to pay a fee to look elsewhere

The Promise:

"If the Rays simply do not want to be here any longer — then they should be given the opportunity to pay an exploratory fee in order to look at other locations, provided those locations are in the Tampa Bay area."

Update December 18th, 2017: Approved deal doesn't have exploratory fee, but includes penalties if Rays leave the city

Fund the Neighborhood Partnership Grants program

The Promise:

"As mayor, I will encourage effective and influential neighborhood associations by funding the Neighborhood Partnership Grants program."

Update December 12th, 2017: City sets aside general fund, Penny for Pinellas revenue for grant program

Expedite demolition of condemned homes

The Promise:

"We must expedite the demolition of condemned homes in order to reduce blight and make our neighborhoods safer."

Update November 30th, 2017: St. Petersburg reduces number of vacant and condemned properties

Implement StPeteStat

The Promise:

"As mayor, I will implement StPeteStat, based on the CitiStat model of statistics-driven accountability standards. Building on the city’s current Scorecard measures, StPeteStat will consist of regular meetings, during which my staff and I will meet with department heads to examine and analyze past performance, future performance objectives, and overall performance strategies."

Update November 22nd, 2017: City launches test version of StPeteStat

Re-establish a community policing philosophy

The Promise:

"As mayor, I will ... reestablish a community policing philosophy that emphasizes the relationship between the police officer and the neighborhood in an effort to promote trust and cooperation."

Update November 21st, 2017: Kriseman makes conscious effort to connect city and policing staff in first 4 years

Help grow small businesses

The Promise:

"Our locally owned small businesses add to the character of our community. Promoting them will be one of my top priorities."

Update October 31st, 2017: Kriseman promoted small businesses throughout his tenure

Install signage at neighborhood entrances and wayfaring signage in populated areas

The Promise:

"My goal is for each neighborhood or area to have its own vibe, to be its own destination. Visually appealing signage at neighborhood entrances and wayfaring signage in populated areas is an easy first step and a resource for both residents and visitors."

Update October 25th, 2017: New signs installed in neighborhoods throughout St. Pete

Investigate every standardized test

The Promise:

"Gov. Scott will direct the Commissioner of Education to conduct a thorough and comprehensive investigation of every standardized test that school districts are requiring their students to take."

Update August 10th, 2017: Scott delivered on promise to study standardized tests

Will fight to repeal federal health care law

The Promise:

Said he would join efforts to repeal the health care law, including supporting a constitutional amendment that "prohibits the federal government from imposing President Obama's individual mandate, to protect Floridians' freedom to control their health care choices."

Update July 31st, 2017: Scott's promise to fight for Obamacare repeal stalls

Increase school security spending

The Promise:

"Gov. Scott will propose to increase school security by $10 million to over $74 million."

Update June 15th, 2017: Gov. Rick Scott's effort to increase school security money falls short

Expand school options for parents

The Promise:

"I want to offer parents a menu of options for their children, including but not limited to charter schools, private schools, homeschooling and virtual schools. I want to create an educational program that will allow parents to get creative in how to meet the distinctive needs of their children."

Update June 15th, 2017: Gov. Rick Scott signs charter-school friendly bill

Deliver state of city address every year

The Promise:

"It’s time that St. Petersburg’s Mayor, like so many other mayors, delivers an annual State of the City address to keep the public better informed. I will do that, and I will make myself and my staff available to the press on a regular basis."

Update June 15th, 2017: Kriseman highlights highs and lows in annual state of city addresses

Reduce or eliminate pier subsidy

The Promise:

Q: How would you make city government more efficient? Name specific areas where you would propose reducing spending and areas where you’d protect or enhance spending. A: "I am also hopeful that if we handle the pier issue well, we reduce or eliminate the $1 million yearly subsidy."

Update June 13th, 2017: Analysis of new St. Pete pier costs calls for $1. 9 million subsidy

Be No. 1 in nation for student performance in reading and math

The Promise:

"Be No. 1 in the nation for student performance by expecting all of our students to perform at or above grade level in math and reading."

Update April 20th, 2017: Florida far from Gov. Rick's promise to lead nation in reading, math