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Tracking the promises of Gov. Rick Scott

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PolitiFact Florida has compiled promises that Rick Scott made during the 2010 and 2014 campaigns and is tracking their progress on our Scott-O-Meter.

We rate their status as Not Yet Rated, In the Works or Stalled. Once we find action is completed, we rate them Promise Kept, Compromise or Promise Broken. (See our About the Scott-O-Meter page for details on our ratings.)

The report card above provides an up-to-the-minute tally of all the promises.

Promises we’ve rated recently

Grow Florida's economy by $74B in GDP, $41B in personal income, and $1B in tax revenues

The Promise:

"In total, Florida's economy will gain an additional 700,000 jobs, $74 billion in state GDP, $41 billion in higher personal income, $1 billion in total state tax revenues as a direct result of the increased economic growth."

Update September 4th, 2014: Indicators close to goals, but Scott can't take all the credit

Expand use of nuclear power and alternative fuels

The Promise:

"As governor, Rick will work toward energy independence from foreign oil with the expansion of nuclear power, the use of alternative fuels and ensure that we can drill for oil safely.”

Update September 4th, 2014: Scott approved nuclear power plants, but not much focus on other alternatives

Will fight to repeal federal health care law

The Promise:

Said he would join efforts to repeal the health care law, including supporting a constitutional amendment that "prohibits the federal government from imposing President Obama's individual mandate, to protect Floridians' freedom to control their health care choices."

Update September 4th, 2014: Scott made exception to his fight for Obamacare repeal by supporting Medicaid expansion

Reform Medicaid with a federal waiver

The Promise:

"Reforming health care for Medicaid recipients (through a waiver) and state employees to consumer directed care will lower the cost of health care, increase choice of health plans, and save taxpayers $1.8 billion."

Update September 3rd, 2014: Florida got Medicaid waiver but we will have to wait to assess savings

Reduce the state's workforce by 5 percent

The Promise:

"Operational efficiencies: A 5% reduction in the state's workforce will save almost $300 million."

Update September 2nd, 2014: State workforce reduction still meets Scott’s goal

Support university-private partnerships

The Promise:

"I support the State University System partnering with government and private industry to pursue advanced applications, production and research in sustainable energy endeavor. Therefore we will pursue additional programs such as the FHTCC throughout the state." *(Florida High Technology Corridor Council)

Update August 27th, 2014: State funding for a university project, but no new action on corridor council-type programs

Create over 700,000 jobs

The Promise:

"The 7-step economic program — over a 7-year period — will have a positive economic impact and create over 700,000 jobs for the state of Florida."

Update August 22nd, 2014: 700,000 jobs promise plods along, despite numbers debate

Bring state employee health insurance costs in line with the U.S. average

The Promise:

"Bring our health insurance costs and mandates in line with the U.S. average."

Update August 18th, 2014: Legislature still refuses to raise worker contributions

Use inmate labor to grow prison food

The Promise:

Use "inmate labor to grow prison food."

Update August 14th, 2014: Edible crops program grew under Scott

Include universities in state economic development grants

The Promise:

"Partner with universities... State economic development grants will always include partnerships with universities to develop research strengths into unique clusters."

Update August 11th, 2014: States getting some money, but not every time

Reduce property tax by another 1 mill over next 7 years

The Promise:

"Phase in another 1 mill reduction (to the school property tax) over the next 7 years."

Update July 21st, 2014: Required local effort's rate barely budges in four years

Eliminate Florida's corporate income tax over 7 years

The Promise:

"Eliminate Florida's corporate income tax over seven years. Fully phasing out the corporate income tax over time will have a large positive benefit for Florida's economy while having a minimal impact on state revenues. Total state tax revenues will benefit from the dynamic economic growth created by the corporate income-tax phaseout."

Update July 16th, 2014: Legislature balks at exemption increase for second straight year

Will fight immigration amnesty

The Promise:

"Rick is opposed to amnesty and will fight amnesty for lawbreakers."

Update July 2nd, 2014: Scott opposed amnesty but supported in-state tuition

Reduce prisoner costs by $1 billion

The Promise:

"Paying competitive market-based salaries for corrections staff, utilizing inmate labor to grow prison food, and competitively bidding health care contracts resulting in public prison costs that are as low as private prisons, prisoner costs would be reduced by $1 billion."

Update July 1st, 2014: Nowhere near $1 billion cut from prison budget

Will oppose and veto any tax increases

The Promise:

"I pledge to the taxpayers of the state of Florida that I will oppose and veto any and all efforts to increase taxes."

Update June 18th, 2014: With Legislature's help, Scott keeps his promise on taxes