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The Latest from PolitiFact New Jersey Monday, September 15th, 2014

A scorecard separating fact from fiction

"No one" claims the report vindicating New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in the bridge scandal is "conclusive."

Chris Christie "helped funnel $6 million in federal Hurricane Sandy money to a senior center in Belleville, N.J., a place that suffered no damage."

"In the entire public school system in Camden last year, only three students graduated college ready."

"Today, our unemployment rate is 7.8 percent. That is the lowest in five years."

"What do Rutgers University, Kean University, Montclair State University, New Jersey City University, Stockton College, Rowan University and William Paterson all have in common? They all graduate less than 50 percent of their students within four years."

Says New Jersey has "the highest unemployment rate in the region" and "stagnant job growth."

"This governor has given us continual balanced budgets without raising taxes."

"The fact that one town has three lanes dedicated to it, that kind of gets me sauced."

"We pay among the highest tolls in the nation for the privilege of crossing that bridge."

Says New Jersey has gained "143,000 new private-sector jobs."

"Given how expansive our program already was," expanding Medicaid in New Jersey due to Obamacare "was a relatively small expansion."

Says Chris Christie "vetoed Planned Parenthood funding five times over the course of his governorship."  

"In fact, there’s more state funding for education today than any other time."

Says Chris Christie fired 6,000 teachers.

Says Barbara Buono "voted to raise her own pay 40 percent."

"Property taxes have increased 20 percent under four years of Chris Christie."

Chris Christie "cut equal pay for women, calling it 'senseless bureaucracy.' "

Chris Christie "has not increased the taxes on anyone."

"Violent crime is up since the last year of Sharpe James’ administration. This year it’s higher. … The unemployment rate is almost 15 percent. The high school dropout rate is over 50 percent."

"I would be the first Republican senator elected in New Jersey in 41 years."

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