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Loretta Weinberg is a Democratic state senator representing Bergen County.

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"We pay among the highest tolls in the nation for the privilege of crossing that bridge."

Says PolitiFact "listed Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin as the Governor who told the most lies" and "our own ‘untruthful’ Governor Chris Christie made it into Politifact's top five of ‘Lie - en Governors’."

Says Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget proposal "would effectively double the interest paid out on existing and future student loans."

Says a 1915 referendum on women’s right to vote "went down in New Jersey. And it took the Legislature to pass it."

"(Chris Christie) has not paid one dollar of state money into our pension system, and then states that the system is broke."

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Cory Booker slams Chris Christie with familiar attack over health care funding cut:

The Democratic mayor of Newark revived an argument previously tested against the Truth-O-Meter: state funding cuts for family planning services.

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