Truth-O-Meter takes on Christie, supporters in weekend claims

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Gov. Chris Christie appears on NBC's "Meet the Press" on Jan. 22.

Chris Christie and his supporters aren’t shy about ownership of things New Jersey, whether it’s a football team or job growth, according to weekend rulings on the Truth-O-Meter.

In case you missed it, Christie received a True rating Sunday for a geographical claim about the  New York Giants. On Monday, a pro-Christie group received a Half True rating for its claim about a spike in job growth since Christie and bipartisan reformers have been in office.

Christie claim

Even though the letters on their helmets indicate otherwise, Christie said during a Jan. 22 interview on NBC’s "Meet The Press" that the New York Giants play, practice and live in New Jersey. The Truth-O-Meter determined that the team has played in the Garden State since 1976; practiced last year in East Rutherford during the shortened off-season because of the NFL lockout; and confirmed with a team spokesman that the entire roster lives in New Jersey during football season.

Of the 53 players on the active roster, PolitiFact New Jersey found 23 players who have a New Jersey address, own a home in New Jersey or have registered to vote in New Jersey, according to a public records search.

Committee for Our Children’s Future claim

The nonprofit group released a video ad on Jan. 25  in which Christie is depicted as cleaning up a mess in Trenton. The ad claims that under Christie and bipartisan reformers, the state has had the most job growth in 11 years, increased education funding and balanced budgets. The Truth-O-Meter looked at the jobs claim since we have previously ruled that the governor did increase education funding and, as required, balanced two budgets.

Overall job growth last year was the highest it’s been in seven years, but private-sector jobs only last year were at their highest in 11 years. PolitiFact New Jersey has ruled numerous times that full credit or blame cannot be assigned to one person for job growth when numerous other factors -- such as the economy -- also impact those numbers.

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