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The national debt is "larger than our entire annual economy."

"Our debt now is about $140,000 per household."

"Quite frankly, it was during the Bush years of spending, multiplied now by the Obama years that we have this mess."

On support of Gov. John Kasich’s drilling tax plan

"Under Gov. Kasich, Ohio wages have increased by $10.3 billion."

Wall Street megabanks that received bailouts in 2009 now get taxpayer-funded advantages not available to community banks in Ohio.

"Raising taxes on investment income has actually lowered the revenue received from the tax, while cutting capital gains tax rates has increased revenue."

Ohio Republicans made significant gains during [Chris McNulty’s] time at the ORP, including the extremely successful re-election of President Bush in Ohio."

"There have been literally hundreds of new tax preferences and loopholes added to the code since 1986, last time we did this."

Under Gov. John Kasich’s budget proposal, "the top one percent in Ohio will pay $10,000 less in income tax each year, but Ohio’s working and middle class families will pay more."

"About two-thirds of all consumption is services. . . It was just the opposite" when the sales tax was enacted in the '30s.

"Kewpie burgers are delicious. An Ohio institution. And they'll cost less thanks to John Kasich's tax cut."

Without a Medicaid expansion, 275,000 more Ohioans could be getting their primary care in emergency rooms, costing "everybody a lot of money."

Federal spending on entitlements "is projected to consume all revenue by 2045."

"There are 3 million jobs that go vacant each month in this country."

"Ohio companies export more goods and services globally than 41 other states."

Says he was the first local official to endorse Barack Obama

 "Three in four low-income workers don’t have any paid sick days available."

Says each year approximately 30,000 people in the United States die as a result of gunfire, and about 80,000 people are wounded.  

Says Gov. John Kasich can remove the president of the State Board of Education.

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