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Marcy Kaptur's file:

Democrat from Ohio

Marcy Kaptur represents Ohio's Ninth Congressional District in the House of Representatives. She was first elected to the House in 1982. She is the senior-most woman in the 111th Congress.  

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"The Social Security trust fund is sound. Without anything being done, it would function well into 2038; and even after that time with no changes, we could pay 80 percent of the benefits that people have earned."

"States have cumulatively cut over $1.8 billion from their mental health services between 2009 and 2011. This is the largest reduction in state mental health services in half a century."

"Marcy Kaptur voted against a ban which would have prevented the aborting of a baby girl for the sole reason that she's a girl."

"The region I represent, both currently and in the future, has more automotive plants than the entire state of California."

Says Marcy Kaptur has attacked his military service and training in the Air Force, showing disrespect for veterans.

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Even in an age of fact checking, the whopper lives:

Politicians of all parties have been bending the truth since the beginning of the republic.

The two previous presidential administrations are perhaps best known for lies or untruths -- see Lewinsky, Monica, and weapons of mass destruction. And even in this, another presidential election year, rare is the day when a candidate does not utter or repeat a claim that will be debunked by an independent truth squad.

Why do they do it?

Those who study politics and communications say the consequences appear to be minimal.


Trade agreements don't have all protections promised:

Obama earned a Compromise for his campaign promise to include environmental and labor protections in trade agreements.

Rep. Marcy Kaptur's quip about First Energy revenues rated No. 1 for 2010:

The quirkyness of a statement from Rep. Marcy Kaptur caught the eye of the editors at PolitiFact Ohio. They chose one of her comments to the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio as the No. 1 PolitiFact Ohio item for 2010.

Her claim: Electric utility FirstEnergy's annual revenues are greater "than the GDP of Haiti, Kyrgyzstan, Iceland, or 15 African nations."

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