Statements we say are Mostly True

Says Oregon canned blueberries will be cheaper in South Korea thanks to a trade agreement.

Says 77 percent "of Portland's students finish elementary school without taking even one art class."

Says she "brought together business, labor and hospitals to give 94,000 Oregon children health care."

Says "we’re losing one voter every 13 minutes."

Twenty percent of housing in Portland’s Pearl District is ‘affordable.’

Says that "In 2009, I saved ratepayers around $500 million by persuading the Council to pursue a less expensive compliance mechanism if the City is required to treat Bull Run drinking water."

Says "Every year air pollution protections are delayed, another 34,000 people will die prematurely."

Says "under our current sentencing laws, about 75 percent of all convicted felons in Oregon do not go to prison."

Says allowing the payroll tax holiday to expire would end up "costing another estimated 900,000 jobs in 2012."

House Bill 2301 never had a public hearing

"Creating 25 jobs in Umatilla County has the same impact as 500 jobs in the metro region."

Oil companies are able to sell oil that costs no more to produce today than it did one year ago.

House Republican plan would increase costs for Oregon seniors by $6,000 with health care vouchers instead of Medicare

Oregon concealed gun applications include "home phone numbers, home address, Social Security numbers, what kinds of guns you have in the house … whether you were dishonorably discharged from the military, what controlled substances you are taking and  were you ever accused of -- accused, mind you -- of stalking."

Says "for the equivalent cost of a single mile of freeway, we have a bike infrastructure."

Tapping the Strategic Petroleum Reserve would immediately lower gasoline prices

"Twelve percent of the garbage collected in those SOLV cleanups, by volume, is plastic bags."

Oregon families pay an extra $1,400 a year on higher insurance premiums to cover those who do not have insurance.

Says his state budget will "provide an increase in state funding for the 2011-12 school year."

The Republican Party raffled off an AR-15 assault rifle at the 2010 Oregon State Fair.

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