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Bill Maher is a comedian and host of HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher. He also works as a comedian and actor.

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"There are 278 Republicans in Congress. (With Eric Cantor's defeat), they are now all Christian and all white except for one black senator, who was appointed."

"We're fifth in the world (in executions), behind China, Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia."

The average fast food worker is 29, and most fast food workers "are on some form of public assistance."

If it is enacted, the Senate immigration bill is "going to make the Border Patrol bigger than the FBI -- you could put one agent every 250 feet."

Under a proposal by Rep. Paul Ryan, people on Medicare will only have $15,000 from the federal government to spend on their health care.

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As you prepare to break bread, we break down 10 statements from the past year that we found to be topical, entertaining or both. They all earned a True rating on the Truth-O-Meter.

Limbaugh v. Maher:

Rush Limbaugh’s mischaracterizations of a law student made waves, prompting some critics to say that comedian Bill Maher’s descriptions of Sarah Palin and others were made in a similarly rebukable vein.

In Context: Bill Maher on women:

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Conservatives are trying to paint liberal comedian Bill Maher as the same kind of public relations hazard for Democrats that Rush Limbaugh has become for Republicans.

Limbaugh ignited a firestorm when he called a Georgetown law student a "slut" and "prostitute" after she testified in Congress about health insurance and birth control. (To see her complete comments, read "In Context:
In Context: Sandra Fluke on contraceptives and women's health

Essentially, Limbaugh used misogynistic terms to attack a woman whose political view he opposes.

Conservatives point out that at least one politician's daughter has not been off-limits to Maher.

How similar are Maher’s and Limbaugh’s comments? We thought this would be a good subject for PolitiFact’s "In Context" series, where we publish controversial statements in their original context.

Truth-O-Meter travels back in time:

AJC PolitiFact Georgia went back in history last week on its search for the truth. Way back.

Like a century ago -- the dawn of our nation's dependence on fossil fuel. That's when wooden pipelines were used to transport natural gas. We found out whether they're still in use today.

And two decades ago, when Georgians debated whether to institute the lottery that now funds the popular HOPE Scholarship for college-bound high schoolers. Did former Gov. Roy Barnes, who's trying to reclaim his seat, oppose the scholarship?

The Truth-O-Meter's other jaunts into the past had to do with more recent history. Think five years ago, when the state argued over whether to toughen its voter ID laws. Or the turn of the millennium, when Barnes, a Democrat, was governor. Republicans claimed he was weak on education and jobs back then.

It's also when a DeKalb County school board member said she started handing over to the county what totaled $30,000 in unused travel money. Did she?

This is how we ruled.

Does your natural gas flow through wood pipes?:

Bill Maher said it might. But we failed to find convincing evidence to support his claim.

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