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Republican from Florida

Bill McCollum is a former Florida Attorney General. He campaigned to be governor and was defeated in the Republican primary on Aug. 24, 2010. 

Recent statements involving Bill McCollum

Bill McCollum "backed Jim Greer's effort to hide financial irregularities."

"Bill McCollum voted for higher taxes and fees 42 times while he was in Congress."

"Police officers in this state have that right," to check the immigration status of people they arrest.

"In my attorney general's office, we've cut the budget 18 percent."

"There's no negative advertising in my campaign at all."

Recent stories featuring Bill McCollum

Florida 2010 primary: Sorting through those attack ads:

Fueled by unprecedented amounts of money and a bottomless barrel of attacks, the primary campaigns for governor and U.S. Senate have trapped Floridians in two escalating TV ad wars.

McCollum, Scott trade attacks over illegal immigration debate:

Republican gubernatorial candidates Rick Scott and Bill McCollum are trading attacks routinely as their campaigns heat up. PolitiFact Florida had to weigh in on dueling claims over the issue of illegal immigration in Florida.

Rick Scott and the fraud case of Columbia/HCA:

With former Columbia/HCA CEO Rick Scott now leading Attorney General Bill McCollum in polls for the Republican gubernatorial nomination, the attacks are flying. Focus on the fraud, they all say. The fraud, the fraud, the fraud. PolitiFact Florida had to bite. We sort out whether Scott’s old company committed fraud, and also explain Scott’s role with the company.

Florida flip-flops rev up the Flip-O-Meter:

Charlie Crist’s hasty exit from the GOP Senate race, the rise of the tea party movement, the Gulf oil spill, and Arizona’s controversial immigration bill are making it difficult for candidates to stay consistent. But the switcheroos are keeping our Flip-O-Meter busy.

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