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David Axelrod is a former senior adviser to President Barack Obama. He is now an analyst for NBC News.

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"8.5 million Americans have gotten rebate checks because their insurance companies were spending too much money on executive bonuses and administrative costs and not enough on health care."

"The vast majority of people in this country are keeping their (health insurance) plan."

Under Gov. Mitt Romney, Massachusetts ranked "47th in job creation."

"Tonight in Ohio, more people came out to vote for Barack Obama in an unopposed race than voted for (Mitt) Romney and (Rick) Santorum combined."

Says Newt Gingrich is responsible for the gridlocked politics of Washington.

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The fact-checked skinny on Pete Sessions of Texas:

Now that Jeb Hensarling has reportedly decided not to to bid for House majority leader, fellow Dallas Republican Pete Sessions is the Texan in the mix, according to news reports today.

Sessions has previously been fact-checked -- and also figured into our look into whether he raised campaign money at an adult club.

Ad Watch: Claims about Romney's jobs record filled with half truths:

PolitiFact has often noted that economists say governors have a small effect their state's economy. For better or worse, the same thing was true when Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts.


Fact-checking the claims about (un)employment:

The job numbers for June are worse than expected; we review some recent Truth-O-Meter items on employment.

McDonnell-Axelrod dust-up beats up a few facts :

But Axelrod was wrong when he said McDonnell balanced Virginia's budget by borrowing $3 billion against future federal transportation receipts. And McDonnell erred when he said "30 years after World War II, we cut the deficit every year."

Axelrod takes on the Republicans on This Week:

White House adviser David Axelrod tried to attack the GOP agenda on This Week with Christiane Amanpour. We rate his accuracy here.

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