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Don Balfour's file:

State Sen. Don Balfour is a Republican from Snellville.  

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"I am the only senator who turned down the state pension plan for part-time legislators."

"When you get a commercial pilot’s license, you learn to communicate in English no matter where you are in the world."

An illegal immigrant who gains admission at a public college takes class space away from students who are legal residents.

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Polifact Georgia tickled by Elmo, truthiness:

Move over, Elmo. After last week’s outbreak of truthiness, no one can be more tickled than PolitiFact Georgia.

Partisans were on target about subjects as disparate as county budget cuts and "Sesame Street," which launched the career of the Muppet that inspired the Tickle Me Elmo doll. They even fared well on the contentious issues of illegal immigration and abortion. The sole exception was President Barack Obama on Social Security checks.

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