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Democrat from Rhode Island

Gina Raimondo has served as Rhode Island's general treasurer since Jan. 4, 2011. She founded and served as a general partner of Point Judith Capital. A graduate of Yale Law School and a Rhodes Scholar, she is married with two children.

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"The pension fund in the city of Providence is only 30 percent funded, about the same level as when he [Taveras] took office."

"My campaign alone has created more jobs in the state of Rhode Island than Narragansett Beer."

"Before I was state treasurer, my Rhode Island business helped create over 1,000 jobs."

"Residential property taxes [in Providence] are up nearly 27 percent under Mayor Taveras."

"My Treasury team eliminated a 900-case backlog in the Crime Victim Compensation Program."

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Clay Pell, Gina Raimondo and Angel Taveras have at least two things in common.

They’re all running in the Democratic primary for governor.

And they’ve all faced PolitiFact Rhode Island’s Truth-O-Meter, with varying outcomes.

As the candidates prepare for Tuesday night’s Providence Journal/WPRI-12 debate, we thought we’d take a look at their PolitiFact scorecards.

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