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Republican from Texas

Greg Abbott won election as governor of Texas in November 2014, carrying 59 percent of the vote. Abbott, a former member of the Texas Supreme Court, served three terms as the state's attorney general before being succeeded by Ken Paxton in early 2015.

The PolitiFact scorecard

  • True10 (%)(10)
  • Mostly True6 (%)(6)
  • Half True8 (%)(8)
  • Mostly False11 (%)(11)
  • False3 (%)(3)
  • Pants on Fire5 (%)(5)

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People get the facts wrong even about Christmas.

Ho ho ho!

MOSTLY FALSE: Saudis "caught" by agents at border in Laredo

Greg Abbott, citing a web post, said Syrians were "caught" by federal agents at the border in Laredo.


We found that claim Mostly False.


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Greg Abbott keeps five early childhood education campaign promises

As a candidate, Greg Abbott said the state should encourage quality preschool offerings and beef up math and reading instruction in early grades.


Before the 2015 legislative session ended this June, he signed several relevant measures into law.


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