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Democrat from South Carolina

James Clyburn is a Democratic member of the U.S. House of Representatives from South Carolina. He serves as Assistant Minority Leader -- the third-highest-ranking officer in the House Democratic leadership.

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When Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid were created, "Republicans stood on the sidelines"

"We do not want to raise anybody's tax rates. That's never been on the table."

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Mailbag: Party conventions edition:

As we kicked into high gear for the party conventions, our readers were right there with us, challenging and cheering our work.

Greatest hits from the Tampa and Charlotte conventions:

We choose our most significant fact-checks from the Republican and Democratic conventions.

On final night in Charlotte, Obama takes the stage:

We fact-check the speeches by President Obama (and his warm-up acts). We’ll be fact-checking speeches throughout the night and will update this story as we do.

Democrats wrap up convention with Obama re-election appeal:

President Barack Obama took the stage at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte Thursday to make his case for re-election.

PolitiFact, PolitiFact Georgia and the AJC Truth-O-Meter tested some claims by the President and others on the convention’s final day.

We will complete a full fact-check of claims made by Obama in Saturday’s paper, and a roundup of claims made throughout the convention on Sunday.

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On final night in Charlotte, Obama takes the stage:

We fact-check the speeches by President Obama (and his warm-up acts).

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