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None from District of Columbia

Jay Carney, the White House press secretary, was formerly employed by TIME magazine and CNN, according to a TIME biographical post.

Recent statements involving Jay Carney

"Who will raising the minimum wage actually help? … More than half work full-time. The average worker is 35 years old."

When Susan Rice spoke about Benghazi on Sunday news shows, she said "that al-Qaida might be involved, or other al-Qaida affiliates might be involved, or non-al-Qaida Libyan extremists, which I think demonstrates that there was no effort to play that down."

"Gov. Romney himself, with 28 other Republican governors, supported policies that would have eliminated the time limits in the welfare reform law and allowed people to stay on welfare forever."

Says Rick Perry "wanted to secede from the union."

In the Republican presidential debate in New Hampshire, none of the candidates mentioned the "middle class" or "education."

Recent stories featuring Jay Carney

Battle of the week: welfare:

Mitt Romney went first, attacking President Barack Obama over a welfare proposal. Then the White House fired back. In both cases, the results on the Truth-O-Meter were in the red.

Obama’s record on the Truth-O-Meter:

President Obama, stopping in Austin, naturally figures into many fact checks.


Fifty fact checks of Rick Perry for president:

Claims by or about Rick Perry as he stumped for president gave the Truth-O-Meter a vigorous workout.

Highlights, please!

Mailbag: 'You’re a loser, aren't you?':

Our checks of claims about class sizes in Texas and Rick Perry’s hometown lacking a ZIP code drew many reader comments. We share a few.

Rick Perry and secession:

Critics often say Texas Gov Rick Perry wanted his state to secede from the union. PolitiFact Texas has explored this--thrice now--and pinned what he really said.

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