Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

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Democrat from New Hampshire

Jeanne Shaheen is a Senator from New Hampshire.

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Mostly True

Not quite that much, but still a lot


Not all from Big Oil

Jeanne Shaheen
Jeanne Shaheen

"Big Oil gave Scott Brown $454,260."

— PolitiFact New Hampshire

Mostly False

'Simple fact,' not factual


Cherry-picked number from tiny sample

 Americans for Prosperity
Americans for Prosperity

"Health care premiums up 90 percent in New Hampshire."

— PolitiFact New Hampshire

Mostly True

Stats are pretty close

 New Hampshire Republican Party
New Hampshire Republican Party

"Shaheen votes with Obama 99 percent of the time."

— PolitiFact New Hampshire

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As Scott Brown nears Senate bid, a look back at fact checks

Without making it "officially" official, Scott Brown dropped a big clue in the "will-he or won’t-he" guessing game over his potential run for U.S. Senate in New Hampshire. At a GOP conference in Nashua, N.H., Brown announced that he was forming a committee to explore running for the seat held by Democrat Jeanne Shaheen. Both Brown and Shaheen are no strangers to the Truth-o-Meter.