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Jimmy Carter's file:

Democrat from Georgia

Jimmy Carter was elected president of the United States in 1976 and served one term. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002. The native of Plains, Georgia was submarine commander, peanut farmer, state senator and Georgia governor. 

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Atlanta is the No. 1 trading point for sexual slavery in America. Between 100 and 200 girls are sold into slavery in Atlanta every month.

Women in the U.S. get 23 percent less pay than men for the same exact work.

The number of African-American men in prison has increased fivefold since he left office.

Women in the United States are paid about 70 percent of what men earn for the same work.

"(T)he United States government and its Constitution says that people can be put to death."

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Our check of a claim about increases in the federal debt under George W. Bush led us to a breakdown covering every president from Harry S Truman into Barack Obama's tenure.

Truth-O-Meter spent week detecting exaggerations:

This week's AJC PolitiFact Georgia was brought to you by the word "exaggeration."

Politicians exaggerated their successes, stated remote possibilities as fact, overreached with their logic, and in one case, overstated the lengths of other nations' school years by a couple of weeks. 

Politicians of all levels of renown diverged from the truth. This week, the Truth-O-Meter tested Nobel Peace Prize winner and former President Jimmy Carter, President Barack Obama, U.S. House Rep. Phil Gingrey and state House Rep. Jill Chambers.  

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Here's how the politicians fared last week:

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