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John Wisniewski's file:

Democrat from New Jersey

John Wisniewski is a Democratic state Assemblyman representing a part of Middlesex County. Wisniewski also is chairman of the state Democratic Party.

Recent statements involving John Wisniewski

"We have a governor who's vetoed measures like increasing our minimum wage and restoring the earned income tax cut."

Says in January 1992, George H. W. Bush "probably had a 90 percent or even higher approval rating after the first Gulf War."

Says Congressmen Paul Ryan and Todd Akin co-sponsored legislation "to limit federal funding for abortion to victims of ‘forcible rape.’"

"If you're earning under $100,000 a year and you commute to New York every day you pay more to the Port Authority in tolls than you pay to the state of New Jersey in income tax."

"Many of the top officials at the Port Authority earn more money than the governors of the states that have jurisdiction over them."

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Statements vetted about approval ratings for President George H. W. Bush, the nation's poverty level

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Claims checked about location of Mason-Dixon Line, cost of tolls to New York versus New Jersey income taxes.

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Democratic Party Chairman Rejects 'False' Ruling:

Assemblyman John Wisniewski, chairman of the New Jersey Democratic Party, wrote a letter to The Star-Ledger, taking "vehement exception" to PolitiFact New Jersey's "False" ruling on his comments about Gov. Chris Christie

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