Jon Kyl's file:

Republican from Arizona

U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., is the Republican Whip.

Recent statements involving Jon Kyl

Abortion services are "well over 90 percent of what Planned Parenthood does."

Obama's position on nuclear arms is a "march toward global zero."

Said the Washington Post argued that a failure to pass the START treaty this year would be "no calamity," and that the Associated Press said "the administration concedes the security risk is not immediate."

"The ABA's own criteria for a judicial nominee call for, among other things, at least 12 years' experience in the practice of law, and they mean actual practice of law."

Says he did not say Republicans would filibuster immigration reform.

Recent stories featuring Jon Kyl

Debate over Planned Parenthood funding moves to Florida:

Planned Parenthood, a group that gets federal money to provide health services, has been a focal point of the Washington debate for several months. And now, the debate has filtered down to Tallahassee.

No pants burned, but toilets did flush:

No Pants caught On Fire last week, but AJC PolitiFact Georgia did flush a few claims down the toilet.

One claim was literally about commodes. A DeKalb County pol said low-flow versions can cost up to $1,000. Sometimes yes, often no, we found. Half True.

But after reading others on red-light cameras and unemployment benefits, we reached for the handle and flushed several times. 

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Two more fact-checks in the START treaty debate:

As Senators decide whether to take up ratification of the START treaty during the lame-duck session, we analyze two more comments by key players in the debate.

Putting the START debate to the Truth-O-Meter:

We check a statement by Sen. Jon Kyl in the debate over whether the Senate should ratify a new START nuclear arms treaty.

How both sides play tricks with stimulus numbers :

Republicans talk about the money "spent." Democrats say "committed." Both can be right.

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