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Jon Stewart is a comedian and host of Comedy Central's The Daily Show.

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The American slave trade caused 5 million deaths "or more."

Says Abraham Lincoln tried to buy slaves' freedom in border states, but the states "all rejected it."

Congress "is bewildered at the scope and reach of our spying apparatus" but in 2008 and 2012 "explicitly rejected an amendment calling for more disclosure."

"When the country was founded, Congress had exactly the same attitude about the sanctity of Christmas celebrations that a 7-Eleven does today: 'Yeah, we're open.'"

"Who are the most consistently misinformed media viewers? … Fox viewers, consistently, every poll."

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Jon Stewart, Fox News & PolitiFact:

Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart, fresh off having a statement about viewers of the Fox News Channel rated False, ascended Mount Fib (his words) in a segment of his Tuesday show.

Readers say we were uninformed about Jon Stewart's claim:

We got lots of complaints after we gave a False to Jon Stewart, host of  The Daily Show.

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That's what the Daily Show host asked Gov. Rick Perry last night. In explaining, Perry recycles some talking points we've already checked.

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