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Independent from Rhode Island

Lincoln Chafee has been Rhode Island's governor since Jan. 4, 2011. He is the first Independent to be elected to that office. He previously served as mayor of Warwick from 1992 to 1999, when he was appointed to the U.S. Senate following the death of his father, Sen. John H. Chafee. He was elected to a full Senate term in 2000. He is married with three children.

Recent statements involving Lincoln Chafee

"Although the governor doubled the beach fees . . . all the money, as we found out, is all going to an out-of-state company. The state isn't even getting the money for that."

"Since I took office in January 2011, we have created 11,100 Rhode Island-based jobs."

Forty-six states have a line-item veto for the governor.

Farming is "one of the fastest growing areas of our economy."

The state budget proposal has been submitted "on time and [it's] the earliest that a governor has done so in over two decades."

Recent stories featuring Lincoln Chafee

Website ignores key facts in bid to tie Lincoln Chafee to organized crime in Ukraine:

Given Lincoln Chafee's record of being willing to buck the system and the Chafee family's reputation, Rhode Islanders were jarred to hear the independent gubernatorial candidate being accused of consorting with someone who might have ties to organized crime.

But that's what happened earlier this month when a local news website reported on Chafee's work at a foundation established by a Ukrainian billionaire.

We explored Chafee's role there, and got different opinions on the politics and intrigue swirling around the effort to set up a think tank in one of the world's fledgling democracies.

What's in a name? :

We've examined two claims made recently by gubernatorial candidates Frank Caprio and Lincoln Chafee.

Caprio attacked Chafee for his handling of a 1990s teachers' dispute in Warwick.  We ruled Caprio's claim Half True.

Chafee said changing Rhode Island's official name would require amending the U.S. Constitution. We couldn't rule definitively on that, but decided to share our research anyway.

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