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Republican from Texas

Matthew Dowd is a Republican strategist and an ABC News analyst. He has served as chief political strategist to President George W. Bush and as a senior adviser to the Republican National Committee.

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"Harry Reid was against (the nuclear option) before he was for it. Mitch McConnell was for it before he was against it. President Obama was against it before he was for it."

Poll results from the past 35 years show that State of the Union speeches "do not move" presidential approval numbers.

"Barack Obama is in an economy that's only worsened since he's been president of the United States."

Obama's approval numbers 'are in the low 40s.'

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Fact-checking Sarah Palin and Nov. 24 Sunday shows:

The news of the day was Iran, but that didn't stop the former Alaska governor from talking about the health care law.

Fact-checking the Sunday Nov. 24 shows:

The news of the day was Iran, but that didn't stop former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin from talking about the health care law.

How's he doing? On the economy, a mixed bag:

Former GOP strategist Matthew Dowd said on ABC's This Week that the economy has "only worsened" since Barack Obama became president. We look at a range of economic statistics to gauge whether he's right.

Looking at unemployment, education, Obama's approval rating:

We check claims from a Democrat and a Republican who appeared on ABC's "This Week.''

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