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Republican from Maryland

Michael Steele is the chairman of the Republican National Committee. He was formerly the lieutenant governor of Maryland, serving from 2003 to 2007.

Recent statements involving Michael Steele

"I have won more elections than any chairman since 1938."

"When President, then candidate, Obama was asked to disclose some of his donors because there was suspicion of their being the foreign source of money into his campaign, they refused to do it."

The Republican Party "fought very hard in the '60s to get the civil rights bill passed, as well as the voting rights bill."

In Hawaii, "they don't have a history of throwing incumbents out of office."

In a now-viral video, "impressionable youngsters at a public school in New Jersey ... have been instructed to sing the praises of 'Barack Hussein Obama.'"

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Not every claim was questionable this year:

Rhetoric during the 2010 campaign season was so filled with falsehoods and exaggerations that we rated the entire election Barely True. But the year also had its share of true statements. Here are five that surprised us for being correct.

'Hooray, Mr. President! We honor your great plans!':

We check the RNC chairman's criticism of an odd Obama song, as performed by some New Jersey second-graders.

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