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Democrat from Illinois

Michelle Obama is the wife of Barack Obama. She is a graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law School and has worked for the Mayor of Chicago and the University of Chicago. Michelle and Barack Obama have two daughters, Malia and Sasha.

Recent statements involving Michelle Obama

"Obama Announces Plans For A Third Term Presidential Run"

Says Michelle Obama waved "red communist flags" on her trip to China.

At Bain Capital, "we helped start an early childhood learning company called Bright Horizons that First Lady Michelle Obama rightly praised."

Says "a lip-reading instructor at the River School, a Washington, D.C., school for the deaf" has determined that during 9/11 ceremonies, Michelle Obama said, "All this for a damn flag."

"Only 2 percent of public high schools in the country offer PE classes."

Recent stories featuring Michelle Obama

Chain emails claim this picture's 'worth $678 million':

Texas readers asked us about chain emails on the contract to build Healthcare.gov going to a company linked to a Princeton classmate of Michelle Obama. FactCheck.org and Snopes.com have taken a hard look at several claims in such emails they received.

Was CGI Federal given a no-bid contract to build Healthcare.gov?

Have lip readers figured out Michelle Obama's 9/11 comments?:

A chain email claims that a lip-reading instructor for the River School has determined that at a 9/11 ceremony, Michelle Obama said, "All this for a damn flag." We check the facts.

PolitiFact's Five Surprising "True" ratings:

With our Lie of the Year, we focused on the biggest falsehoods of 2009. But we also want to highlight our findings at the other end of the Truth-O-Meter.

A presidential decision: a Portuguese Water Dog:

Michelle Obama dishes the details on the new family pet. It'll likely be a Portuguese Water Dog, which means progress for Promise No. 502.

Mock Lobster!:

A chain e-mail passes on a phony receipt for a lobster lunch.

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