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New Jersey Democratic State Committee's file:
New Jersey Democratic State Committee

Democrat from New Jersey

The New Jersey Democratic State Committee represents the Democratic Party in New Jersey.

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"(The Tax Policy Center) found that Romney would raise taxes on the average middle class family by $2,000 to pay for $5 trillion in tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires."

Says PolitiFact issued a True ruling on Paul Krugman calling "Governor Christie a ‘fiscal phony.’"

"Since Mayor Kennedy O’Brien took office Sayreville has issued 22,081 building permits! Now O’Brien is holding secret meetings with big developers."  

Says Vince Polistina is "collecting nearly $70,000 in taxpayer-funded salaries -- plus a government pension."

Gov. Chris Christie owes the state money "for amenities like extra Gorgonzola cheese for his staff on these trips."

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Claims about Romney tax plan, Pallone election contest tested on the Truth-O-Meter:

New Jersey Democrats claim a study found that Romney's plan would hike middle-class taxes to fund a tax cut for the rich; Anna Little says she "made history" in 2010 by nearly defeating Frank Pallone.

No, that's not what the Truth-O-Meter said:

As the campaign heats up, candidates and political groups are incorrectly describing our ratings. We put their claims about the Truth-O-Meter to the Truth-O-Meter.

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With unofficial election results in, PolitiFact New Jersey revisits three races where campaign ads were put to the Truth-O-Meter.

It's Election Day -- Go Vote:

We offer a recap of weekend rulings from the Truth-O-Meter and in the spirit of Election Day today, look back at election-themed rulings on New Jersey political ads and statements.

Truth-O-Meter looks at the future of Social Security; checks claims in political campaign mailer:

In case you missed them, check out our latest rulings from the weekend.

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