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Republican from Wisconsin

Reince Priebus is chairman of the Republican National Committee. Previously, he was chairman of the Republican Party of Wisconsin. He was an unsuccessful Wisconsin state Senate candidate in 2004. A lawyer, he was also general counsel to the Republican National Committee.

Recent statements involving Reince Priebus

"Thanks to #ObamaCare, average E.R. wait in California is 5 hours."

Says Hillary Clinton’s approval rating went from 70 percent to 52 percent in 18 months.

Mitt Romney "gave away his father's inheritance."

Says President Barack Obama promised a "pathway to citizenship" to undocumented immigrants and "didn't deliver jack squat on any of it."

Says President Barack Obama wants to raise "the lowest (income) tax rate from 10 to 15 percent."

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Republican convention: Talking about money:

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney took center stage Tuesday on PolitiFact and the Truth-O-Meter as Republicans geared up to nominate him at their Tampa convention.

First, we tested a talking point GOP leaders are using to cast Mitt Romney as a self-made man: That Romney "gave away his father's inheritance." We also checked Romney’s critique of the economy and its effects on young people.

The economy is perhaps the Obama campaign’s biggest hurdle, and Democrats know it. One of his top campaign aides tried to defend him by saying that the recovery during President Barack Obama’s term is stronger than President Ronald Reagan’s. Wrong.

We also checked an attack on Obama by Romney’s vice presidential pick U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan about declining household incomes. He was wrong, too.

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Polls show heavy majorities want the U.S. Supreme Court to strike all or part of the health care reform law. But the same surveys also show most of the public hopes the court will either uphold the law or everything in it except the mandate that Americans have health insurance coverage.

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Republicans are increasingly comparing the current economy to the Great Depression. But how apt is the comparison?

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