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Republican Party of Texas

Republican from Texas

The Republican Party of Texas promotes a conservative government philosophy in the Lone Star state.

Recent statements involving Republican Party of Texas

"The platform of the Republican Party says deport everybody and to hell with it."

"Wendy Davis has already taken more $ from teacher unions than the past 3 Democrat gubernatorial candidates combined."

Says Texas GOP platform calls for end to teaching "critical thinking" in public schools.

More Hispanics "have been elected statewide (in Texas) on the Republican ticket than on the Democratic ticket."

Says State Rep. Kristi Thibaut was an ACORN lobbyist.

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Supreme Court upholds argument that "penalty" is a tax:

The U.S. Supreme Court upholds the health-care law in part by embracing a familiar argument -- that the law's penalty for not obtaining health coverage fits with the power of Congress to levy taxes.

He's not from here:

Every once in a while, a candidate says an opponent doesn’t vote or even live in the district they both seek to represent. In Texas, at least, it’s a cinch to check on someone’s voting history, though where someone lives can prove dodgier to determine...

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