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Republican from Texas

Rick Perry has been governor of Texas since late December 2000. He was re-elected in 2002, 2006 and 2010. He unsucessfully ran for president in 2012. He is a candidate in the 2016 presidential election.

The PolitiFact scorecard

  • True26 (%)(26)
  • Mostly True23 (%)(23)
  • Half True42 (%)(42)
  • Mostly False30 (%)(30)
  • False30 (%)(30)
  • Pants on Fire18 (%)(18)

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Checking Rick Perry claims about defense, energy

Rick Perry has been fact-checked many times -- though not often in connection with defense or energy claims.

Rick Perry revisits claims about job gains, graduation rates

Former Gov. Rick Perry rallied Texas delegates to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this morning partly by revisiting claims about Texas job growth and high school graduation rates that we’ve checked before.


Just ahead, his repeat of a statement we found Mostly False...

Wendy Davis says Texas has no ‘equal pay’ law; it has a couple

Wendy Davis, mindful of a 2013 veto, told Texas Monthly her state has no "equal pay" law.

That’s incorrect.

Remember front-running Rick Perry for president? Karl Rove does

Rick Perry recently suspended his fresh bid for president. So did Wisconsin's Scott Walker.


But there was a time Perry was the frontrunner for his party's presidential nomination.


This reminder comes courtesy of Karl Rove, the Texas-tied consultant, who says the leader in the race for the 2012 Republican nod changed seven times between September 2011 and the end of February 2012. PunditFact found that five individual candidates, including Perry, handed the lead around.

Labor Day means candidates (Rick Perry included) making job claims

Some suggest Rick Perry's campaign is zombified.


Our take: So long as the former governor remains among presidential hopefuls, it's worth watching for claims about job gains in Texas while he held the top elected post. Samples ahead.


See Rick Perry's full Truth-O-Meter report card here (we've checked him more than 150 times).