All statements involving Rick Perry

"There is no evidence that poor people abuse drugs more frequently than any other socio-economic group."  

Says fewer than 30 percent of Texas college students graduate in four years and only 58 percent graduate within six years.

Says Barack Obama has added $16 trillion to the national debt.

Says Texas is 1st in business climate, 49th in education.

Says cuts by Gov. Rick Perry's administration left "12,000 teachers without a job."

Barack Obama has "provided guns to Mexican drug cartels."

Says Barack Obama has played nearly 100 rounds of golf as president.

Says you need a photo ID to purchase Sudafed in Texas.

Says that in fiscal year 2010, "nearly 80 percent of women served" in the Texas Women’s Health Program received services from a provider other than a Planned Parenthood clinic.

"A hundred percent of all the jobs lost during the recession have been reclaimed in Texas … while the nation is at about 36 percent."

Says there’s no proven instance where hydraulic fracking has polluted groundwater.

Says he signed legislation leading to 12 Texas abortion clinics being closed.

Rick Santorum says Rick Perry requested 1,200 earmarks as governor of Texas.

"Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, and Newt Gingrich all say they would cut foreign aid to Israel — and every other country — to zero."

Says President Barack Obama "is a socialist."

"Santorum also voted for a teapot museum in North Carolina."

Says Rick Santorum voted for the Bridge to Nowhere.

On instances when abortions should be allowed.

Says Mitt Romney raised business taxes 20 percent in Massachusetts.

A study says Massachusetts has lost 18,000 jobs because residents were required to obtain health insurance under an act signed into law by Mitt Romney.

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