All Mostly False statements involving Rick Perry

Congress is "on a five-week vacation."

Says New York has ‘bureaucrats telling you whether you can even drink a Big Gulp.’

Says 13 Texas universities "have announced or implemented a $10,000 degree."

"Only three in 10 Texas doctors are currently accepting new Medicaid patients."

Says he signed legislation leading to 12 Texas abortion clinics being closed.

A study says Massachusetts has lost 18,000 jobs because residents were required to obtain health insurance under an act signed into law by Mitt Romney.

Says the paperback edition of Mitt Romney's book deleted line that Massachusetts' individual mandate "should be the model for the country"

"I have sent over $400 million to the border of Mexico in the form of Texas Ranger recon teams."

Says President Barack Obama thinks Americans are lazy.

"We spend half a trillion dollars a year in tax preparation."

Says that "we brought CHI Manufacturing, that had business in China, back to" Texas.

"We cut property taxes by one-third in the state of Texas while I’ve been governor."

"Romneycare has … killed 18,000 Massachusetts jobs."

Says that Romney touted the Massachusetts health plan for the nation in his hardcover book but then deleted it for the paperback edition.

Says he never said he wanted to move Social Security "back to the states."

Says Mitt Romney wrote that if Social Security was done "in the private sector, it would be called criminal."

Says his hometown of Paint Creek, Texas, "doesn’t even have a ZIP code."

Says President Barack Obama’s overturning of the Mexico City Policy means federal tax dollars can be used "to fund abortion all over the world."

Says the state’s rainy day fund is "our insurance policy against a major natural disaster."  

Says federal health care overhaul will cost Texas state government "upwards of $30 billion over the next 10 years."

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