All Pants on Fire! statements involving Rick Perry

The United States is at "historic record highs" of individuals being apprehended on the border from countries with terrorist ties such as "Pakistan or Afghanistan or Syria."

More than 3,000 homicides were committed by "illegal aliens" over the past six years.

Says of flood of non-Mexicans being apprehended at the border: "These are people that are coming from states like Syria that have substantial connections back to terrorist regimes and terrorist operations."

"Abortion is the second-most conducted surgical procedure in this country."

Says he has "yet to get a response" from Barack Obama to his August 2010 letter making border security requests.

Says President Barack Obama "is a socialist."

Says Texas did not bail out a loan program he oversaw as state agriculture commissioner.

"The federal government has not engaged in (border security) at all."

"The first round of stimulus ... it created zero jobs."

Says President Barack Obama delivered $2 billion to Brazil to help with offshore drilling projects.

Says the state's Medicaid waiver proposal "has languished in a file cabinet at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for more than two years."

Says Bill White is refusing to debate.

"We don't get a lot of calls from this White House… I have, frankly, never had a call from them."

"My opponent in November of 2008 sent a missive to the White House, to President Obama-elect, and said, 'Here's how you need to sell cap-and-trade to the American people.' "

"The number of uninsured people in Massachusetts is about the same as it was when the mandates were passed in 2006."

My "border security efforts have led to a 60 percent decrease in border crime."

"Sen. Hutchison abandoned Republicans and stood with Democrats to ensure health care legislation would pass quickly."

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