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Republican from Florida

Rush Limbaugh is a conservative radio talk show host. His website describes him as "America's Truth Detector; the Doctor of Democracy; the Most Dangerous Man in America; the All-Knowing, All-Sensing, All-Everything Maha Rushie; defender of motherhood, protector of fatherhood and an all-around good guy."

Recent statements involving Rush Limbaugh

Wisconsin is "one of the bluest" states, but under Scott Walker its unemployment rate "is around 3.5%."

President Barack Obama shut down NASA space flights and turned the agency "into a Muslim outreach department."

Says the media created the term "polar vortex" and the cold air proves "the ice isn’t melting."

"Obamacare is going to increase the divorce rate."

"If your plan is the result of collective bargaining, no subsequent changes by anybody -- insurance companies, Obamacare -- can force your grandfathered policy to change."

Recent stories featuring Rush Limbaugh

Testing Obamacare on the Truth-O-Meter:

The Affordable Care Act reaches a milestone on Oct. 1, 2013, when health insurance marketplaces that were set up as part of the law begin enrolling people.

Many claims on both sides of the political aisle have been made about President Barack Obama’s signature legislative accomplishment, which has been implemented in phases since becoming law in March 2010.   


PolitiFact's oddest fact-checks of 2012:

The Truth-O-Meter has a sense of humor (we swear) so we occasionally do light-hearted or downright odd fact-checks. Here are some of the more unusual fact-checks we did in 2012.

Jeepers, Mitt Romney Wins for PolitiFact Lie of The Year:

Mitt Romney’s campaign falsehood about Jeep moving production to China is PolitiFact’s Lie of the Year. There's also a minute-by-minute recap of how the mistruth popped and stuck around.

Limbaugh v. Maher:

Rush Limbaugh’s mischaracterizations of a law student made waves, prompting some critics to say that comedian Bill Maher’s descriptions of Sarah Palin and others were made in a similarly rebukable vein.

In Context: Sandra Fluke on contraceptives and women's health:

Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke told an unofficial hearing of the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee on Feb. 23, 2012, that the omission of contraceptive coverage by her Jesuit school created "financial, emotional and medical burdens" for students.

Her comments caught the ear of conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, who called Fluke a "slut" and a "prostitute" demanding that taxpayers pay for her to have sex. You've probably heard Limbaugh's words (for which he later said he apologized) repeated plenty. Here's what Fluke said that ignited his ire.

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