All statements involving Rush Limbaugh

Wisconsin is "one of the bluest" states, but under Scott Walker its unemployment rate "is around 3.5%."

President Barack Obama shut down NASA space flights and turned the agency "into a Muslim outreach department."

Says the media created the term "polar vortex" and the cold air proves "the ice isn’t melting."

"Obamacare is going to increase the divorce rate."

"If your plan is the result of collective bargaining, no subsequent changes by anybody -- insurance companies, Obamacare -- can force your grandfathered policy to change."

"One person, Kathleen Sebelius, was going to determine whether or not" 10-year-old lung patient Sarah Murnaghan would live or die.

"Q: What do these ‘Patriotic' Americans have in common? A: They are all Draft Dodgers."

Research shows that "a vast majority of arriving immigrants today come here because they believe that government is the source of prosperity, and that's what they support."

Says Rush Limbaugh made it clear he’d rather see the country fail than President Barack Obama succeed.

Says it's not "accidental" that the villain in the Batman movie is named Bane.

"Obamacare is . . . the largest tax increase in the history of the world."

Says Rick Perry is "the guy that tracked" down Democratic legislators who fled Texas in 2003.

Alaska's Prince William Sound "is pristine now."

People "can't go fishing anymore because of Obama."

There are "high administrative costs" when you donate to Haiti relief through the White House Web site.

A recent drop in the unemployment rate is questionable because it was calculated "over two days of the Thanksgiving week."

The health care bills will be "mandated spending. You can't cut it, regardless of the budget circumstances."

"That 3.5 percent (increase in the third quarter GDP) came from two things — government spending on Cash for Clunkers — they just moved fourth-quarter auto sales into the third quarter — and the first-time home buyer thing."

The government is "going to have the right to get into your bank account with the health care bill and make transfers without you knowing it."

"President Obama . . . wants to mandate circumcision."

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