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Republican from Texas

Steve Stockman, a Republican from Friendswood, returned for a second term in the U.S. House in 2013 - 16 years after his first term.

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John Cornyn "voted twice in 2013 to back Obama’s amnesty plan."

"John Cornyn backed his pal David Dewhurst" for the U.S. Senate over Ted Cruz.

"In every poll," John Cornyn "always loses to any conservative the voters have heard about."

Says U.N. arms treaty will mandate a "new international gun registry."

Says president is ‘spending $2.2 billion to give away "ObamaPhones." ’

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Cornyn cages Stockman, Democrats may need runoff to settle Senate nominee:

Primary election returns aren't final, but John Cornyn crushed his proclaimed tea-party challenger while Democrats might face a May runoff to settle on Cornyn's November foe.

We've piled up our latest fact checks of Cornyn and outright winners Greg Abbott and Wendy Davis. For the latest results, go to

Consult your Truth-O-Meter before voting in Texas party primaries:

Texas voters choose major-party nominees on Tuesday, though May run-offs are possible if the lead candidate in each primary fails to draw more than half the vote.

Warm up for voting by reviewing claims we checked during the election run-up--including a smoky statement about the planet’s warmth.

UN treaty doesn’t mandate international gun registry:

Steve Stockman warned that a treaty mandates an international gun registry. That’s not so.

Checking on a rodeo clown and Obama--in Texas:

A congressman has invited a Missouri rodeo clown--freshly famous for lampooning Obama--to Texas.

Heck, we’ve already had a rodeo clown moment.

Wacky spending, even under the sequester?:

We look at claims that the government still funds goofy projects like fantasy football and research on duck penises. But not all of these claims are accurate.

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