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Says Donald Trump tweeted, "Danny DeVito supports baby murder."

Viral image on Monday, November 25th, 2019 in a Facebook post

No, Donald Trump didn’t say Danny DeVito 'supports baby murder'

On the campaign trail, President Donald Trump pledged to defund Planned Parenthood because, he said, "of the abortion factor." A Nov. 25 Facebook post appears to show him attacking actor Danny DeVito, who is pictured with actor Mark Ruffalo wearing T-shirts that say "I stand with Planned Parenthood."

Above the image is what appears to be a Donald Trump tweet saying: "Danny DeVito supports baby murder." In response, it appears Mark Rufaflo replied: "What about me asshole?"

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That’s because on Nov. 17, conservative Carmine Sabia actually tweeted "Danny DeVito supports baby murder" above the photo of DeVito and Ruffalo.

Searching for "Danny DeVito supports baby murder" online, we couldn’t find any instances of Trump tweeting or saying that. We didn’t unearth it searching Trump’s Twitter account, either. And such an online skirmish would certainly draw media attention, but looking in the Nexis news archives for stories about "Danny DeVito" and "Donald Trump" and "baby murder," we found none.

We rate this post False.