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Americans For Tax Reform was founded in 1985 by Grover Nordquist. It advocates a tax system in which the taxes are simpler, flatter, more visible, and lower than they are today. It views the government's power to control one's life as derived from its power to tax and believes that power should be minimized. Its flagship program is the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, which it began promoting in 1986 and expanded to the state level in 1990. Those who sign on to the pledge commit to oppose any effort to increase income taxes on individuals or businesses.

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Olympians will owe $9,000 in taxes on their medals?

We fact-check a claim from Americans for Tax Reform that Olympians are taxed 35 percent on their medals.

Truth-O-Meter points needle at state politics

Georgia’s political engine is revved up for this year’s legislative session, and the Truth-O-Meter and Deal-O-Meter are, too.

Last week’s focus was on state issues -- ethics laws, health insurance and a major overhaul of the tax system.

There was good and bad news. New Gov. Nathan Deal made headway on two campaign promises. Others’ claims on taxes and ethics lacked truthiness. 

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