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Republican from Georgia

Jack Kingston, a Republican, is a former U.S. Representative from Georgia and a political commentator.

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Fact-checking Georgia's U.S. Senate runoff

PolitiFact Georgia has kept a close eye on a statewide race capturing national attention, the GOP runoff for the U.S. Senate nomination.

With the election between U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston and businessman David Perdue Tuesday, we've put some of the claims we couldn't resist fact-checking in one spot.

PolitiFact Georgia celebrates three years of fact-checks

On our third birthday, PolitiFact Georgia looks back at some of the most memorable items, specifically those that have involved numbers.

Rhetoric rises over payment advisory board

When Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives voted March 22 to eliminate a a Medicare payment advisory board – a vote the Associated Press noted was really just "symbolic" – the rhetoric was flying.

Some representatives went a good deal farther than Tennessee’s own Marsha Blackburn, who nonetheless floated a statement about the Independent Payments Advisory Board taking "control" of health care decisions away from patients – and that we’ve ruled False.

Most news organizations wrote something similar to the AP about the vote – the Republiucans actually want the IPAB around as an issue through the November elections. It’s worth taking a closer look at the various statements that have been made and consider the actual statutory power IPAB does or does not have.

Kingston re-uses Barely True talking point

U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston of Savannah recently dusted off an old talking point to argue for cuts to the Food and Drug Administration's budget.

Unfortunately for him, that talking point nearly flunked the Truth-O-Meter test back in January.

Opponents think the cuts Kingston supports will set back a historic tightening of food safety rules, said a Washington Post article published Thursday.

Kingston argued that federal budget cuts are necessary, but the safety rules are not.

The Truth-O-Meter's got your number

Politicians, the Truth-O-Meter’s got your number. Or rather, numbers.

Georgia’s leaders use all kinds of statistics to shore up their stances. Some mean exactly what politicians claim. Others? Not so much.

Last week, we analyzed numbers on Snowpocalypse 2011, the safety of the nation’s food supply, immigration and health care.

For extra measure, we added up President Barack Obama’s batting average.

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