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Republican from Georgia

State House Rep. Jill Chambers has represented north DeKalb county near Buford Highway since 2003. She is best known for serving on the MARTA oversight committee known as MARTOC.

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Truth-O-Meter spent week detecting exaggerations

This week's AJC PolitiFact Georgia was brought to you by the word "exaggeration."

Politicians exaggerated their successes, stated remote possibilities as fact, overreached with their logic, and in one case, overstated the lengths of other nations' school years by a couple of weeks. 

Politicians of all levels of renown diverged from the truth. This week, the Truth-O-Meter tested Nobel Peace Prize winner and former President Jimmy Carter, President Barack Obama, U.S. House Rep. Phil Gingrey and state House Rep. Jill Chambers.  

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Here's how the politicians fared last week: