Did Obama inherit the McChrystal 'problem' from President Bush?

On his MSNBC show, liberal host Ed Schultz said that Gen. Stanley McChrystal is a "problem" inherited from President George W. Bush

It's moot now that President Barack Obama has accepted the resignation of Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, but liberal TV host Ed Schultz delivered a stinging commentary in which the liberal TV host he told the president to "fire this jackass."

McChrystal -- who along with his senior staff was portrayed in a Rolling Stone profile making disparaging comments about numerous senior officials, including Vice President Joe Biden -- was relieved of his duty on June 23, 2010, one day after the article became public.

In the 24 hours between the time the article surfaced and McChrystal's departure, Schultz delivered a rant excoriating the general.

Most of what Schultz said is opinion, which falls outside of our purview. But we zeroed in on one thing he said: "So, once again, here's President Obama. He has to fix yet another problem he inherited from the Bush Administration."

Is it appropriate for Schultz to blame President George W. Bush for the McChrystal "problem"? We decided not. In fact, we determined that Schultz's comment deserved a rating of Pants on Fire! You can see our reasoning here.