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Looking for Jeb Bush's 'pledge' to support Donald Trump

We looked into Donald Trump's statement that Jeb Bush signed a "binding pledge" to support the Republican nominee. Here's what we found.   

PolitiFact Florida Top 5 in April 2016

A spat between a Starbucks heckler and Gov. Rick Scott led our fact-checks in April  

Jolly and Grayson tackle King James, Planned Parenthood at open debate

The Republican and Democrat congressmen ignore their primary opponents to face each other as they vie for Marco Rubio’s Senate seat.

Donald Trump’s misleading complaints about election rigging in Florida

The Republican frontrunner and his campaign manager have made a series of false claims about primary contests being stacked against them.

Fact-checking the Starbucks heckler-Rick Scott spat

Gov. Rick Scott tried to get a cup of coffee from one of his favorite spots, Starbucks, on Tuesday in Gainesville. He got a jolt, all right. A community activist let him have it over cuts to health care under his reign. 

Top 5 for PolitiFact Florida in March 2016

Florida’s presidential primary as well as U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz fueled the Truth-O-Meter.  

Florida delegates, explained

PolitiFact National answered five questions about the delegates to the national conventions. Here's how it works in the Sunshine State. 

Fact-checking Jebio in the 2016 GOP presidential race

We look back at our most clicked fact-checks of statements by Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio   Help PolitiFact raise $15,000 to fact-check the immigration debate in 2016  

Trump recounts Rubio’s record, but the history deserves a review

A campaign ad goes after the U.S. senator’s past as a Florida legislator and beyond, but doesn’t always accurately portray what happened.

Did Donald Trump inherit $100 million?

Sen. Marco Rubio says he did, but the evidence is murky.   Help PolitiFact raise $15,000 to hire an additional fact-checker for 2016.  

PolitiFact Florida’s Top 5 fact-checks for February 2016

Our most read fact-checks were about GOP presidential candidates, the cost of college tuition and climate change.

Do rich foreign women give birth in Miami then not pay the bill, as Rubio said?

Foreigners giving birth are on the rise in Florida, but skipping out on the bill is not a trend.  

Top 5 for PolitiFact Florida in January 2016

The GOP presidential primary and the Democrats’ debate schedule fueled the Truth-O-Meter.  

Checking in on Jebio in January 2016

PolitiFact fact-checks Florida's Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio on the presidential campaign trail  

Fact-checking Gov. Rick Scott's 2016 State of the State address

Scott kept the focus on Florida's improved economy during his fifth speech to the Legislature. But is it as sound as he says?