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Says "only 18 percent of Portland elementary schools have art instruction compared to 83 percent nationally."

Says Amanda Fritz "manages less than 5 percent of city operations."

Says the city of Portland has one manager for every six "front-line" workers.

Says "one in four women and one in seven men have been victims of domestic violence in their lifetime."

Says he "is the only candidate in the race for Clackamas County Chair who will refuse to join the Public Employees Retirement System."

Say that under state law, "systems development charges can only be spent on capital investment."

Says she is co-owner of Celilo Group Media.

Says the Pentagon has never passed a financial audit. In fact,  the Pentagon is exempt from a federal law that requires all federal agencies to complete annual audits.

Says "streetcars carry more people than buses … you attract more riders who don't ride transit now, and actually the operating costs are not any greater than the bus."

"Between 1982 and 2007 the cost of a college education increased 439 percent."

"In 2010 about 75 percent of child abuse and neglect reports in Oregon were made by those required to report by law."

Says "in Oregon only 41 percent of adults have ever been tested" for HIV.

Says "80 percent of the health care dollars are spent by 20 percent of the population."

You may have driven the length of a football field in the five seconds it takes to check a text. 

Says "if we raise the number of third-graders who read at a third-grade level, we affect everything, from graduation rates to incarceration rates."

In just a few decades, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, other mandatory spending programs, and paying interest due on the debt will eclipse our entire budget.

Federal law prohibits the growing of industrial hemp in the United States.

Suzanne Bonamici was the only no vote on a 2009 bill cracking down on drunk drivers.

"My opponent on day one of this campaign attacked me on Medicare and Medicare Advantage and that claim was found to be False."

Christmas trees are grown in all 50 States.

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