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How the GOP candidates fare on the Truth-O-Meter

By Bill Adair
Published on Friday, August 26th, 2011 at 2:26 p.m.

The 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa is a year away, but the campaign for president is in full swing and most of the candidates have accumulated substantial records on our Truth-O-Meter.

Here's how they have fared:

Rick Perry has more Truth-O-Meter ratings than any other GOP candidate -- 71. As governor of Texas,  he frequently gets checked by our colleagues at PolitiFact Texas. Perry's record leans toward the False end of the scale -- more Falses and Pants on Fires (25) than Trues and Mostly Trues (17).  

Mitt Romney has been checked 59 times, many during the 2008 campaign. His record is mixed: 17 True, 10 Mostly True, 11 Half True, seven Mostly False, nine False and five Pants on Fire.

Michele Bachmann's PolitiFact report card prompts the most discussion of any of the candidates we check because she has a large number False and Pants on Fire ratings. They account for two-thirds of all the Bachmann claims we've checked. She's been checked 30 times and earned 13 False and seven Pants on Fire ratings..

Ron Paul's record is the the opposite of Bachmann's because he typically earns Trues (six) or Mostly Trues (six). They account for two-thirds of his 19 Truth-O-Meter ratings. Paul has earned three Falses and one Pants on Fire.

Jon Huntsman's record also skews toward the True end of the Truth-O-Meter. He's been checked six times and has earned a True, three Mostly Trues, a Half True and a Mostly False.

Newt Gingrich has been checked 19 times and has a fairly even distribution of ratings -- three Trues, three Mostly Trues, four Half Trues, three Mostly Falses, four Falses and two Pants on Fires.

Herman Cain has faced the Truth-O-Meter 11 times and more than half his ratings have been False or Pants on Fire. He has two Mostly Trues, two Half Trues and one Mostly False.

Gary Johnson has been rated twice, a Half True and a Mostly True.

We've rated Thad McCotter once, on his claim that lenders typically lose 30 percent of a home's value during a foreclosure. We rated that Mostly True.

We've rated Buddy Roemer once, a Half True for saying that President Barack Obama never submitted a budget and that Congress has worked for two years and didn't pass a budget.

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