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Watch video fact-checks on PolitiFact’s YouTube channel!
Josie Hollingsworth
By Josie Hollingsworth April 7, 2021

It’s not cooking videos, it’s not workouts, and it’s not a talk show ... it’s fact-checking! The nonpartisan, nonprofit fact-checking team at PolitiFact has been creating videos for our YouTube channel, and we’d love for you to stop by and see what it’s all about.


Our most popular series is the Truth-O-Meter Minute, a rundown of the latest PolitiFact fact-checks on politicians, pundits and social media posts. 


We also make videos from important political speeches that make a lot of different claims. During the 2020 campaign, we outlined our most important fact-checks from the presidential debates and the Democratic and Republican national conventions. 

We tackle a lot of conspiracy theories and fake science intended to minimize the threat of COVID-19. Our Lie of the Year video runs down the most egregious and dangerous examples of coronavirus downplay and denial.


Finally, we also track presidential campaign promises. We’re tracking nearly 100 of Joe Biden’s campaign pledges, and we’ll publish videos with significant updates to the president’s promises: 


We did the same for Donald Trump when he was president with the Trump-O-Meter

What goes into a fact-check? A carefully selected statement, on-the-record sourcing and, ultimately, a panel of three judges to rate the statement on a scale from True to Pants on Fire. This system has allowed us to thoughtfully rate claims since 2007. Learn more about our process and rating system in our PolitFact FAQ series: 


You can suggest a fact-check video by emailing [email protected]. Don’t forget to subscribe! 

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Watch video fact-checks on PolitiFact’s YouTube channel!